Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thank you Thank you! 

Thank you, Rudi and Julie, for a great year at the Cook Library Center! Both Rudi and Julie served as our Community Partnership Coordinators (CPC's) and were instrumental in helping our students succeed this year. They helped coordinate a fabulous group of Calvin students from Boer-Bennink dorm - we have a partnership with that particular dorm that requires students who are living there and interested in volunteering to volunteer with us at GAAH. It's so great and we're so very thankful for our Calvin volunteers! We'll be wrapping up our school year collaboration with Calvin College this Friday with a field trip to the college. We're definitely excited to be eating in the cafeteria, visiting the dorms, touring the campus, and having fun!

Thanks again, Calvin volunteers, for all that you do for GAAH and the Grandville Avenue community! We look forward to the many fabulous years to come!

Hangin' out and havin' fun! 

Taking a moment during game time to get goofy. 

Rudi being sandwiched by two of our fun-loving students! 
Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities administers the programs of the Cook Arts Center and the Cook Library Center.

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