Monday, May 21, 2012

Edwin Campos

If you guide children in the right way, they’ll know what’s right. If you don’t give up on them, they can learn from their mistakes. --Edwin Campos--

Edwin Campos is in his fourth year as program assistant at the Cook Library Center. His brother, Javier, is involved with the Cook Arts Center, and together they have become an integral part of the GAAH family. [See next week's blog for information about Javier Campos.]

Growing up in the neighborhood surrounding the Cook Library Center and Cook Arts Center, Edwin has seen the challenges that the area has had to endure. Thankfully, through the work of many organizations, the neighborhood is undergoing major changes for the better. There are new buildings, walls free of graffiti, community gardens, and plenty of after-school activities for children of all ages.

That is why he enjoys his work at Cook Library Center so much. The Library offers a safe place for children and youth to read books, get help with their homework, or just have a good time. Adults aren’t left out either; they can receive Edwin’s help in Spanish and in English with business letters, resumes, and computer classes.

Edwin strives to be a role model for the children who visit the Cook Library Center. He wants them to see him and say, “He graduated from college, so I can do the same.” Edwin challenges students at the Cook Library Center to “step up and be respectful, because they will be the next role models for the neighborhood’s youngsters.”

It is a challenge to make drastic changes and improvements in the neighborhood. Encouraging youth to step up and set the example is all part of the transformation to which Edwin is committed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rhyme Rumble

The Cook Arts Center was ready to rumble last Friday at the Wealthy Theatre. We were pitted against eleven other nonprofits in the Rhyme Rumble, a karaoke competition at the Wealthy Theatre sponsored by the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Program director Steffanie Rosalez wrote and performed a mission-related rap to the music of Party Rock Anthem, and our breakdance and salsa dance students twirled, spun, and boogied like there was no tomorrow.

Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice trophies were awarded, and the Cook Arts Center walked away with both of them! Hooray!!