Monday, January 30, 2012

YOUTH MOVEMENT: Spoken Word & Breakdance

Youth Movement brought together Spoken Word poetry and Breakdance to celebrate positive Hip Hop culture and inspire the youth. Youth Movement was a collaboration between Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, 61SYX Teknique Street Dance Academy, and local Spoken Word poetry performers.
Above from top left: GAAH Outreach Coordinator, poet, poet, dancer, event host & dancers.
Event host, poet, & dancer Keegan "Seoul" Loye performing a piece about love. Keegan taught breakdance at the Cook Arts Center and is currently owner of 61SYX Teknique Street Dance Academy. He believes it is importance for the youth to have creative outlets & positive role models.
Above: students intently watched poets perform for an hour before intermission. How often do you see that?!
Spoken Word Poets gave high energy performances that were inspiring to all ages. Pieces talked about having the courage to find your voice, overcoming hatred in the world, and empowering the next generation.
Above: during intermission, Keegan pumps up the students for the breakdance segment.
After the breakdance segment, the lights went low once again for some more amazing Spoken Word performances.
Thanks again to the Cook Arts Center, 61SYX Street Dance Academy, Keegan "Seoul" Loye, all the performers & dancers. Special thanks also goes to professional photographer Katherine Thelen for taking all these beautiful pictures.Youth Movement was fantastic!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Skate & Create: Latina Sorority mentors Girls Club!

This past weekend, the Cook Library Center's Girls Club (also known as the XYZ Girlz) went ice skating with the Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. The Girls Club is currently coordinated by Ms. Eva and consists of nine girls ages 8-12. The Girls Club meets periodically to do writing activities & talk about challenges they face. The Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority members serve as positive role models for the Girls Club, encouraging them to pursue their education and creative interests. The latest field trip on Saturday was especially special because previous Girls Club members came along, totaling a group of 16 girls!
Ms. Eva with Estellita (Above) This was Estellita's first time ice skating & she picked it up really quick! Many of the students enjoyed receiving a free helmet from the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.Above from left: Areli, mentor Serena, & Maura.

Above: Areli from Girls Club & mentor Jatnna.
As part of the GRAM's Skate & Create program, the girls headed inside after skating for some hot chocolate & art activities. Above: Inessa age 11 & Egypt age 11.Above: Luz & Areli spend some quality time with the sorority president Jatnna. Luz told Jatnna she wants to visit GVSU's campus, looks like the girls know what their next field trip will be!
HUGE thanks again to
Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. !!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Chess Master vs. Cook Library Students

Students at the Cook Library Center LOVE to play chess. Last week, students put their chess skills to the test as they fearlessly took on the man they call "The Chess Master"
"The Chess Master" is also known as Gary Stark, who is a history professor at GVSU and a member of the GAAH Board of Directors. Stark commented, "I had a great time playing chess with several young students—after they had finished their homework for the day. I was surprised at how many students wanted to play, how good they are, and how young some of the best players are! I lost the first game, the second was a stalemate, and I won the third only because we were running out of time and a couple of kibitzers gave me some good suggestions. These kids are sharp, and before I go back for a rematch, I’m going to practice more."

Thanks again Gary Stark!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alynn Guerra & Winter Break Camp!

Alynn Guerra is quite the celebrity artist in Grand Rapids. Her prints are bold and whimsical, transporting the viewer to a simpler world. Alynn is literally a neighbor to the Cook Arts Center, running her Red Hydrant Press studio just around the corner. Read more about Alynn's work. Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities' students were very lucky to have special guest teacher Alynn Guerra for their winter break camp!

During the winter break camp, GAAH students learned about different types of printmaking, and went to the GRAM to see the print exhibit and their permanent print collection.
Students did a technique called relief printmaking by carving rubber plates, and also created crayon monoprints.
Winter break was filled with fun, creativity, and new artistic skills. Thanks Alynn!