Friday, March 29, 2013

Library Center Volunteer Spotlight: Patti and Bob 

The Cook Library Center has many fantastic volunteers that choose to give their time for students who frequent the facility. Two volunteers in particular, Patti J. and Bob T., come in every week to spend time with them.  Patti has been volunteering at the Library for five years now (wow!) and has become our official “Quilt Lady.” She shares her love of quilt making with Library students by working alongside them to make quilts that are later auctioned off at GAAH’s annual fundraiser, Dia Del Sol.  Bob, on the other hand, is a rather recent addition (and a wonderful one!) to our volunteer team and has been with our Library Center for only a few months. He enjoys playing games with students such as chutes and ladders, chess, and clue; all of which are some of their favorites.

When asked about what they enjoy most about volunteering at the Cook Library Center, Patti and Bob both agreed that it’s the kids. They love the positive atmosphere and the great attitudes of the students that they spend time with. And oh, how our students love them!  Both volunteers’consistent presence and passions for working with youth have earned them recognition and adoration among Library Center students of all ages.  We’re so excited that both Patti and Bob said that they look forward to volunteering at the Cook Library Center for as long as they can. Thank you so much, Patti and Bob, for all that you do for GAAH, our students, and for our Grandville Avenue community! 

Bob T. helping one of our students with homework after school

Patti J. displaying her beautifully made quilt! 
Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities administers the programs of the Cook Arts Center and Cook Library Center.
This blog was written by Justin Kamp, a current Calvin College student and guest blogger for Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities.

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