Friday, May 10, 2013

Connecting with our Kids

Two of our beloved Board Members, Tina B. and Jose R., have both shown an exemplary commitment to volunteerism within the organization that they help govern.  We know that time is tight when you have a full plate of responsibilities that demand your attention, and that sometimes there just isn't enough time left over for activities and altruistic endeavors that you would like to participate in.  Tina and Jose, however, have risen to the challenge of squeezing time into their extremely busy schedules to volunteer in house.  Both professionals in their respective fields, Board Members for GAAH and parents, they still find time to meaningfully connect with the neighborhood that they advocate for. 

Tina volunteers her time weekly to tutor one of our students in math, reading, and writing.  It's  heartwarming, to say the least, observing the two of them giggling while reading aloud together and practicing the pronunciation of unfamiliar words.  Tina is also a fantastic organizer - she was instrumental in helping plan GAAH's first volunteer Connect meeting.  Jose is also a joy to observe while he's interacting with our students.  Last week he volunteered his time to help engage some of them in the "Reading for Tacos" initiative that sought to give kids an incentive (free tacos from Tacos El Cunado!) for reading.  Aaliyah S., as you'll see in the photo below, was very focused on reading with Mr. Jose! :)

Thank you, Tina and Jose, for committing to engaging with our students!  

Tina B. reading to Ocean B. and Sandra G.

Jose R. helping Aaliyah S. earn some tacos!  
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