Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkins Galore

Or should that be "Pumpkins Gilmore"? Gene and Tubie Gilmore donated 80 big, beautiful pumpkins from the patch on their farm outside of Ada. The Cook Arts Center's pumpkin-decorating activities took place on Tuesday, and yesterday the Cook Library Center kids decorated theirs. Stickers, yarn, and markers were used to make some unique pumpkin people. The kids were thrilled that they could take their pumpkins home, and we sent along instructions for roasting pumpkin seeds in case any family carving activities take place.

Thank you, Gene and Tubie, for making 80 kids very happy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dana, Claire, and Janelle did a wonderful thing last school year. Through t-shirt sales to their fellow students at Forest Hills Northern Middle School, these enterprising young ladies raised a whopping $411 to support GAAH's music program at the Cook Arts Center. These funds will be used to purchase half-size violins for some of our pint-size students.

In the photo (left to right) are Janelle, Claire, Dana, GAAH Executive Director Marjorie Kuipers, and Dana's mother, Hope (back row). The girls presented the check as well as a donated violin and music just prior to Maria Royce Hesse's harp performance at the Cook Library Center on October 12.

On behalf of all present and future violin students at the Cook Arts Center, I thank Dana, Claire, and Janelle for their tireless efforts in support of GAAH's music program.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maria Royce Hesse at Cook Library Center

It doesn't happen very often that our young patrons at the Cook Library Center are mesmerized, but Monday, October 12, was an exception. Harpest Maria Royce Hesse gave a performance and demonstration which kept several dozen children and a handful of adults enthralled. She even invited the children to play her harp.

Thank you, Maria, for sharing your beautiful music with the patrons of the Cook Library Center.