Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Notes from the Cook Library Center Interns: Movie Time!

Two of the interns from the Cook Library Center, Erika and Noemi, came up with the idea of having a movie time at the library.

This Wednesday the kids at the library spent part of the afternoon watching a comedy movie. They had to choose from three movies which were Bolt, Ratatouille, and Hotel for Dogs. The most votes were given to Hotel for dogs.

The movie “Hotel for Dogs” is a fun family movie about a group a kids trying to

Rescue Dogs from the streets.

The kids at the library had so much fun watching this movie. Here are the kids

enjoying a fun movie with a little snack.

Notes from the Cook Library Center Interns: Hands on Science!

Our top readers from the Cook Library Center spent two wonderful hours exploring and playing at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

They could see themselves playing different roles like pretending to be farmers, bankers, postal officers, waitresses, and much more!!!

One of the most popular activities was the bubble station where they could make bubbles of all sizes.

The Children’s Museum was definitely a fun and rewarding experience for them.