Monday, April 27, 2009

Cook Arts Center Students Recognized by Amway

Cook Arts Center Director Amy Brower accompanied three Cook Arts Center students to
an event hosted by Amway last week. Amway's One by One program asked children who
participate in all of the programs that they support to create artworkwhich they could keep
at Amway but also send around the world to the different Amway offices. The girls from the
Arts Center (Priscilla, Isabella and Ashley) whose work was selected to be part of the exhibit
had made the paintings last summer during our Summer Arts Camp.

At the event, students were able to see their work framed and hanging on the wall. Students
also got a tour of the Amway headquarters and saw the artwork that otherchildren from
around the world (such as China, Russia, Central America) had created. The girls were treated
to gift bags with art supplies and cookies and juice after the tour.

Thanks to Amway for a wonderful event, and for their consistent and much appreciated
support of Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities

See more photos and read a write up of the event at Amway's Blog

Art gallery tour

Isabella and her artwork.

Priscilla and Ashley and their artwork.

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  1. We were so impressed by the Grandville Avenue Arts students. We knew they were good artists, but they sang, danced and told stories for us too! Thanks so much for being a part of this celebration of creativity.

    Jesse Hertstein