Friday, December 14, 2012

Cook Arts Center Class Highlighting – Movie Making

Movie Making at the Cook Arts Center is just one of many fun and exciting classes offered for fall program 2012.  Students are able to create a short film, scripted and designed by them, from their own interests and ideas.  The class is taught by a Grand Valley State alumnus who has experience in film production and design.  Mr. Flanders is a fun loving individual who works really well with kids and does a fantastic job including everyone in everything from scripting and design to editing.  He makes sure everyone has a part in the movie and he asks them for their valued input in all aspects of class. Nothing goes into these films that the children don’t approve of.  Because the class only meets once a week, the students are always looking forward to next week’s adventure!     

I spoke with some of the children and asked them about the Cook Arts Center and the Movie Making class, specifically.  Zacharius N. expressed his enthusiasm for the class by telling me that Movie Making was his "favorite class ever”, and it was obvious that the other students agreed with him.  The class is all about the students having fun and you can see it on their faces; they are all smiles all the time.  Movie Making is just one of many great classes offered by the Cook Arts Center that kids enjoy and look forward to.  Their classes foster a safe and educational environment for children to laugh, learn, and grow.  As Giselle, Shirley and Ailyn, put it, “We’ve been coming here for 7 to 8 years and absolutely love it.”  With a statement like that, I think that the Cook Arts Center is doing a pretty great job!   

This blog post was written by a Justin Kamp, a Calvin College student who volunteered his time and efforts to promote our program activities here at the Cook Arts Center.

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