Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calvin's Dance Guild Stuns our Students! 

This past Thursday, we were able to take 16 of our students from the Cook Arts Center to Calvin College to see their semi-annual Dance Guild presentation.  What a treat!  Such an incredible opportunity would not have been possible without the generosity of one of our very special volunteers, Noelle B.  A student herself at Calvin College, she worked with the institution so that our students could come and see the dress rehearsal for free.  A very special thanks to Noelle for thinking of us and our students.

As for what our students thought of the presentation, they loved it! Calvin students performed a variety of dances that ranged from hip-hop to interpretive.  It was so great to see our students responding with applause, cheering, and the collective "yeah!" when the break dancers did a front flip or when the ballerinas spun on their toes.  But most importantly, it was a time for our students to be encouraged to pursue their own artistic interests and talents--dance related or otherwise.  

Ly'nasia G. and Heaven posin' for the camera before the performance! 

Cook Arts Center students together with a Calvin performer! 
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