Thursday, January 20, 2011

Career Day and the Start of Winter Sessions

The new year is off to a great start at the Cook Library Center and the Cook Arts Center! It's still January and we are already very busy.

The Cook Library Center's annual Career Day took place and our special guest, Dick Ortega, spoke about his company, Alternative Mechanical. Dick shared his thoughts on the importance of doing your best. He stressed how much it matters to finish a job once you've started, and even if you fail and fall, how important it is to get back up again.
Alternative Mechanical was started six years ago by Dick Ortega and Kevin Fahl with a mission to hire adults with no skill sets and train them in the fields of construction, plumbing and mechanical equipment services. Working together, their company has thrived and currently employs 30 skilled workers that they trained themselves. Thank you, Dick, for sharing your valuable insights with the community!

Snowflake art has also been happening at the Cook Library Center with the help of Chase and Maria: Chase makes snowflake masks and Maria has been helping Ms. Sue hang the snowflakes in the windows. Nice work guys!

The Cook Arts Center has started winter class sessions that are off to a great start as well. Our new Card Making class is learning how to emboss and our Mixed Media Sculpture class made some amazing paper cubes with Ms. T'Alyne. Using only paper and glue, they created large frames that were sturdy enough to stack and build with.

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