Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special Tribute to our Volunteers

Each semester, dozens of college students from our local universities, including Calvin, Aquinas, and Grand Valley, donate their time to help the programs at both the Cook Arts Center and the Cook Library Center. These wonderful young people help with everything from homework help and class set up, to picking up students from our local elementary schools and walking them safely to our facilities.

These students are often looking to fulfill a volunteer requirement for their classes, but we are always delighted that they have chosen to spend that time working with the children of the Grandville Avenue neighborhood. The children who visit our facilities know them by name and are quick to greet them.

Noelle, a volunteer at the Arts Center, said yesterday “I get so attached to the kids. I’m so sad when they won’t be in Ms. Sue’s [Drawing for Kids] class next session.” Though Noelle is studying abroad for the month of January during the upcoming Art Center classes, she looks forward to coming back and volunteering again, and we look forward to the stories and experiences she can share with our students from her time in China.

Thank you, volunteers!

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