Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun at the Cook Library Center

The students at the Cook Library Center have been keeping busy this
summer with lots of
summer activities such as the summer reading
club. In addition, during the week of June 21,
the students were led
in Yoga exercises by a staff member from the YMCA named Mr. C.

He also led the kids in a nutrition program where he brought apples,
a familiar fruit
to the students, and also brought a fruit that was more
mysterious to the kids which was
mango. Many students weren't
afraid to try it though. The students also got a chance to
learn about
eating food that comes from all parts of the food group, and especially
which are many different colors. Mr. C. taught the students
about the amount of grams of
sugar in different types of fruit.

Another activity last week was when Mr.Edwin, the Library Assistant
at the Cook Library Center,
did a science experiment on blowing up a
balloon with out using your mouth. Instead of
blowing air from their
mouths, the students used vinegar and baking soda. The students

had a great time experimenting with this project!

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities administers the programs
of the Cook Library Center.

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