Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Notes from an Intern: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Last Thursday, April 8th at the Cook Library Center, while the kids were on spring break, around 15-20 boys got together in the back room of the Library for a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. The fantasy/battle card game is fantastic for developing strategy and math skills, as well as teaching kids how to care for their possessions. (Collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards means taking care of them so you can use them in a card battle!) Everyone enjoyed themselves, from the youngest 6-year-old to the high-schoolers! The advance tournament winner was Union, and the beginner tournament winner was Enesto.

-Ande Mustine is a senior at Calvin College majoring in English. She is interning at the Cook Arts Center and Cook Library Center this winter and spring.

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