Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet Gabby, One of Grandville Avenue’s Happiest Fifth Graders

Read about this inspiring fifth grader and overall happy kid:

Gabby playing drums at the 2014 Cook Arts Center Spring Recital

Gabby's recent crocheting project

Gabby is a fifth grader at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. His nicknames include but are not limited to Gabby Fabby, Grabiel, Gabby Toddy, and Yaddy. Gabby’s favorite subject is reading, and his favorite authors are Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl. He loves chapter books because “You can use your imagination! You can see if you’re in the story.” His grades at this school are mostly A’s. His class is currently working on a song to their parents, which Gabby described as “…really a touching song. It talks about how you grow up, and how our parents take care of us.”

Gabby has four brothers and three sisters.  “My older brothers and sisters pick on me. They get on my nerves a lot,” he expressed with a casual, toothy grin. In his free time, he loves to play chess and tennis. Gabby’s best friends at the Cook Arts Center are Daniel, Bryan, and Dominic. 

One of the things that makes Gabby unique is his remarkably positive attitude. He does everything with a smile, including his avid participation, adoration, and appreciation for the arts at his very young age. He is at the Cook Arts Center every day possible.

His favorite class at the center is pottery, because “You can use your imagination,” he said again. “You can make anything! You can make a troll face, an ogre face, your face, or any other face you want! Or you can make a pot, a vase, a basket, little cups, bowls, or even tea cups!” Not only has he already created a fully painted Santa Claus sculpture for the Program Director, but his new plans are to shape a tea cup with a heart-shaped handle for her.

Gabby also enjoys crocheting because, “You can make any clothing you want!” he exclaimed. “You can make shoes, little booties, socks, scarves… I am only in the beginner’s class, but I’m going to be in the intermediate class soon. I am halfway there! If my mom wants a dress to wear, or something like that, there you go! I can make her a dress,” he said, beaming. His class is currently making a blanket, and each student is responsible for twenty rows. “My colors are green, blue, and white, and I only have eight more lines to go!” he reported excitedly. When finished, they will donate the beautiful blanket to a neighborhood clinic.

Gabby also loves rock band and has played both bass and piano. He loves the keyboards because he said that “You can use the buttons to change the sounds. It’s like a violin in a movie when they are walking through a hotel!” he exclaimed.

He also participates in many dance classes, including Hip Hop and Mexican Folkloric dance. “Dancing helps you in music,” he explained. ”You can make a dance in a group so that everyone in the class performs. It helps you get active, move, and exercise. You can even make up your own moves in class!”

This blissful fifth-grader’s life goal is to become a chef. He loves cooking for his family, saying, “They even like my grilling better than by dad’s.” He elaborated, “It’s just a hobby for me like pottery and drawing, but it’s a big one.” The future of his culinary creations is bright. “My Uncle Tyler said that he would hire me when I’m 19.” The Cook Arts Center will accommodate his desire in cooking as well, as there will be a Cooking Club this summer.

So what is this joyful child’s favorite things about the Cook Arts Center? He explained that he keeps coming back because he’s “…allowed to be a part of the program. It helps you be more creative in art. I have made pottery, drawings, and even guitars out of cardboard.” The programs through Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities’ Cook Arts Center allows this happy-go-lucky, creative kid to express himself through the arts in a variety of forms. For such an affirmative partnership, both he and the organization should consider themselves lucky. 

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