Monday, February 17, 2014

Cook Arts Center Rock Bands Rock the Roller Derby! 

That's right. Cook Arts Center rock n' roll bands rocked the house at Rivertown Sports on Saturday, February 15th when they entertained the crowd during the halftime show of a Grand Rapids Rollerderby event. You may be thinking "Rock band? Cook Arts Center? HUH?!" That's okay. We'll catch you up. This summer the Cook Arts Center was the host of Grand Rapid's very first Girls Rock! camp. Girls Rock! is a summer camp designed to instill in adolescent girls self-confidence, team work abilities, and the desire to see something through to completion. Camp participants choose a "rock band" instrument that they would like to learn (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums) and learn to play that instrument through intensive instructor lessons, as well as writing songs, playing music and learning about what it takes to be in a band. At the end of two weeks, girls perform a rock concert for their family and friends - ours at Wealthy Street Theater this past summer was AWESOME and the girls did a fantastic job! 

Many of the girls that participated in Girls Rock! camp are regular program participants at the Cook Arts Center and expressed a desire to keep practicing with their bands after the camp ended. This winter, Steffanie Rosalez was able to secure a way for them to continue playing with their bands while opening up the opportunity for other neighborhood kids to get involved. She created two winter program classes called "Cook Arts Center ROCKS!" These classes takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are comprised of two girl bands and two boy bands, each instructed by Girls Rock! volunteer Lena Nieboer. Both of our girl bands received the unique opportunity to perform the Girls Rock! camp theme song as well as other original pieces during the halftime show at the Grand Rapids Rollerderby this past Saturday. Band member Egypt K. even sang the National Anthem before the derby started! We're so proud of you, girls! ROCK ON!  

Michelle E - G. gettin' ready to rock! 

Performance time! :)
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