Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trendy Teen Activities

Teen Potter's Wheel, Mixed Media Madness, and Beats and Programming Electronic Music are some of this fall session's classes that are open to (and popular with!) our growing teenage population. Many of the classes here at the Arts Center have been geared towards children under 13 in the past, but our Program Director Steffanie Rosalez is working diligently to change that. She recognizes that we have several students here that are now entering into their teenage years - students that started coming to the Cook Arts Center when they were tiny, miniaturized versions of their maturing selves. For that reason, she's intentionally included 10 classes in this fall session's programming that accommodate teens all the way up until age 16. If you know a neighborhood teen that needs something to do after school, send them our way! We think that our teens are AMAZING and have really bright futures ahead of them. That being said, we're going to continue seeking ways to keep them involved at the Cook Arts Center for as long as we can!      

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