Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Summer of Fun, Learning and Adventure! 

Things haven't slowed down a bit for us here at GAAH. In fact, we've been just as busy as ever with our summer programming! Time has been absolutely flying as we've joyfully spent our weekdays molding clay, conducting science experiments, learning how to eat healthily and reading our favorite books at both the Cook Library and Cook Arts Centers. Doesn't that sound like a week you'd just love to jump into? We've certainly been having a blast and learning lots, that's for sure! 

A highlight for us this summer has unanimously been our Friday field trips, as we've had the opportunity to explore some pretty incredible places here in town. Some of those places have included Grand Valley State University's Engineering Department on Pew Campus (as well as the Allendale campus swimming pool!), the GRAM, M-Live, and, most recently, our own Grandville Avenue neighborhood. We'll be heading to both GRCC and the Children's Museum this Friday and will be wrapping up with summer programming the week of the 12th. We've sure had a lot of fun and will be savoring these last two weeks!
Splish-splashin' in the pool at Grand Valley State's Allendale campus!

Cook Arts Center twins Rafael and Rosalbita being their adorable selves during snack time. 

Friends Alejandro, Jazmin and Jacqueline telling jokes while they mold their clay creations.

Sitting quietly during the beginning of our private tour of GVSU's Engineering Department - so cool! 
Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities administers the programs of the Cook Arts and Cook Library Centers.

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