Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tutoring Program off to a Terrific Start

The Cook Arts Center offers a variety of great programs that help enrich the Grandville Avenue community. One of these positive programs offers free tutoring for students that live in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood. These tutoring sessions are held at the Cook Arts Center and seek to provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their academic abilities as well as build meaningful relationships with an adult. Individuals who express an interest in the tutoring program are matched up by the Cook Arts Center with a student who has requested extra help with homework. Tutoring sessions help students engage with their school material in ways that are fun and understandable, while providing them with encouragement from adults who are invested in them.  

I sat in on a tutoring session because I was excited to see this environment for myself. I sat in on a session lead by Mr. Andrew, a senior Writing major at Grand Valley State University, who was tutoring young Martin S. in writing. Mr. Andrew is an experienced writer and has done tutoring with the Creative Youth Center in the past. Did I mention that he’s also great with kids? Right away I was impressed with how Mr. Andrew was able to communicate and teach Martin new skills in writing. Martin was shy at first, but Mr. Andrew was easily able to relate to him. He and Martin were writing a story together in no time! I was impressed with the enthusiasm of the tutor, Mr. Andrew, and delighted to see the smile on Martin’s face as he finished his story and heard it read back to him by Mr. Andrew. There is no doubt that this tutoring program a great opportunity for kids to learn, grow, and have fun at the Cook Arts Center.

Any student living in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood is eligible to receive tutoring at the Cook Arts Center for FREE! Anyone interested in learning more about this new initiative please contact Bethany Sheffer at 

This blog was written by Justin Kamp, a current Calvin College student and guest blogger for Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities.

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