Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Chess Master vs. Cook Library Students

Students at the Cook Library Center LOVE to play chess. Last week, students put their chess skills to the test as they fearlessly took on the man they call "The Chess Master"
"The Chess Master" is also known as Gary Stark, who is a history professor at GVSU and a member of the GAAH Board of Directors. Stark commented, "I had a great time playing chess with several young students—after they had finished their homework for the day. I was surprised at how many students wanted to play, how good they are, and how young some of the best players are! I lost the first game, the second was a stalemate, and I won the third only because we were running out of time and a couple of kibitzers gave me some good suggestions. These kids are sharp, and before I go back for a rematch, I’m going to practice more."

Thanks again Gary Stark!

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