Friday, December 16, 2011

Press Club Goes to the Ballet!

This past week, the Press Club went to go see the Grand Rapids Ballet perform the Nutcracker at Devos Hall. Most of the students were not familiar with the story and had many questions before hand: "Is there going to be REAL magic?" "How are we going to know what's going on if there is no talking?" Although some of the boys were initially a little apprehensive, all the students left Devos Hall either dancing or talking about the "cool" parts.
The next day, students wrote about their experience for the Press Club (look out for their review) Avelycia (age 12) commented, "It was really really great, the dancers were moving along with the music. When the music got slower they also got slower and when it was fast they moved fast...I love the ballet." Students got a kick out of the "Ballet Christmas Tree" in the lobby, and took a special picture (below) just to show Ms. Steffanie (Program Director at GAAH).

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