Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring and Sewing

Spring is just around the corner, and while many students are anxiously awaiting spring break, Calvin College students have already had theirs. Many college students head to the beaches to catch a spring break swim, but the Calvin College students that volunteer at the Cook Library Center had a different idea of fun. They decided to join our students at the library for a celebration of spring; helping with homework (as usual) and enjoying cupcakes while they chatted with students about their spring break plans and how they are doing in school. We're so lucky to have such an awesome group of volunteers!

Over at the Cook Arts Center, our sewing classes have proved that hard work pays off. Starting with scraps of material, creative ideas and determination, students created pin cushions, pillows and purses. Our sewing classes have had the invaluable experience of seeing first-hand how much work it takes to create handmade items and how wonderful it is to turn creative ideas into functioning items. Nice work guys!

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities administers the programs of the Cook Library Center and the Cook Arts Center.

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