Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From an Intern's Perspective: A Look into Mini-Arts Camp

During the day of July 6, the older children attending the
Mini-Arts Camp got the chance to learn about Surrealism and
Realism. Ms. Nancy, who teaches the theater class, provided
them with the opportunity to experience different activities.
One of the activities involved the older children acting out
scenes which would be corrected by a child picked by the

Meanwhile, the younger children were out in the garden with
Ms.Noemi where they pulled weeds and tended to the Cook Arts
Center's vegetable garden. They learned the difference between
the plants and weeds. They also learned what the weeds do to
the plants when they surround them. At the end of the day, the
children was able to take some of the mint plants home with them.

- Written by Chelsea and Connie are high school students
interning with the
Cook Arts Center this summer through the
Project COOL program.

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities administers the programs
of the Cook
Arts Center.

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