Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Library Brightened by Artist Donation

The Cook Library Center is a proud recipient of a very generous painting donation by artist Erick Pichardo. The painting, which was created in the abstract mixed media format that defines Erick's recent working style, is a perfect fit for our library. The piece is titled, "The Colors of the Land/Los Colores de la Tierra" and like the majority of Erick's recent paintings makes a powerful statement about place and human life. This particular pieces includes objects, colors and forms which initially capture the viewer's eye and speaks to the importance of living life in the moment. Erick has been a long-time contributor, collaborator and creator within our community and believes in the possibility of building a better, stronger community when everyone lends a hand. We thank Erick for his generous contribution and for making our library community a more beautiful place through his artwork.

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