Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini Arts Camp at the Cook Arts Center

For the first time, the Cook Arts Center is hosting a six week mini-arts camp this summer. For kids ages 4-12, the camp meets Monday-Thursday from 1-3pm.

Each day, students enjoy two one-hour lessons in different artistic disciplines. Lessons range from visual art to creative movement, theatre to gardening, and nutrition and cooking.

Activities each week revolve around a theme. The theme of Week One was "Celebration of Nations." Students made fans and lanterns while learned about China, drums while studying Africa, and more.

Week Two's theme is "Famous Artists." Students are learning about Matisse, Kandinsky, Mondrian and more.

35-50 students have been joining us each day for camp. We're so glad to have them with us! Stay tuned for more Mini Arts Camp updates as the summer progresses!

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