Monday, May 4, 2009

Notes from the Intern: Fun with Photography

Last Thursday, I had the chance to walk around to the different classes being held at the Cook Arts Center and check out what everyone was up to. Before I even got to the art classroom, I bumped into quite a few of the kids in the hallway, in the lobby, and even the stairwell. Had the kids rebelled? Refused to do their latest assignment? Had the teacher disappeared?

Of course not. Instead of one of those unlikely possibilities, the kids were taking pictures - of anything they could find. From self-portraits to passing cars, the students really enjoyed taking photos and the opportunities that the new digital photography class has to offer.

Taught by Cook Arts Center contract artist, Lori Knorr, this class offers lots of hands on learning. From the start, the kids were paired up and given a camera to share. After giving them some guidance, they were off to take pictures of anything that they found interesting. After taking the pictures, they then uploaded the pictures to a computer and could use Picasa to edit their photographs. While some were busy taking pictures the whole time, others got very creative with their editing. From adding extra eyeballs, to making their subjects green, they easily learned the program.

From talking to several of the students, it was obvious that this class is a big hit. One student who doesn’t like drawing or painting really had fun with the accessibility that photography offers. While a lot of the students don’t have access to cameras, this really offers them a unique way to express themselves and learn about art.

** Shelly is a senior at Calvin College majoring in English and Studio Art. She shares her experiences interning at the Cook Arts Center on this blog once a week. **

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