Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Career Day at the Cook Library Center!

Students at the Cook Library Center were joined yesterday by a panel of professionals from the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for GAAH's first Career Day. Each guest spoke about their career, their education, and steps students should take to pursue their own educational and career goals. Students had the opportunity to share their career goals with the speakers, and ask questions about their experiences. Speakers stressed the importance of higher education, and of being bilingual.

Career Day guest speakers l-r: Juan Carlos Munoz, Rosie del Valle, Jorge Gonzalez, Rene Rodriguez, and Mike Gardiner

PNC Assistant Vice President and Branch Sales Manager, Wyoming Branch, Juan Carlos Munoz speaks to the students.

GAAH Board Member Jorge Gonzalez, of Macatawa Bank, addresses the group.

Radio personality Rosie del Valle addresses the importance of being bilingual.

Photographer and graphic designer Rene Rodriguez speaks to the students.

Career Day was a wonderful event, and GAAH's thanks go out to Jorge Gonzalez, GAAH board member and chamber member who coordinated the panel. Special thanks also to all of our guest speakers: Ande Roeser, Ramon Bolanga, Juan Carlos Munoz, Rosie del Valle, Mike Gardner, Teresa Hendricks and Rene Rodriguez. We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to talk to our students.

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