Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cook Arts Center Girls Group

The Cook Arts Center is home to a newly founded girls group for girls in grades 8-12.

"Teen Talk" (the working name of the group until the girls choose a name that they like!) meets on Monday afternoons at the Cook Arts Center and is facilitated by Arts Center Director Amy Brower.

The girls participate in icebreakers and activities, work on art and craft projects, and address real-world topics like higher education, job-seeking, and more.

"Teen Talk" is an opportunity for young girls to meet new friends, and develop communication skills and trust with their peers. It is a support system to whom they can share their ups and downs.

At this weeks meeting, the girls worked with clay to create pieces that expressed themselves.

They created a group piece, a tray, which they hope to auction off at GAAH's Dia Del Sol fundraiser in June.

Once the pieces have been fired in the kiln, they will glaze and paint them.

If you are interested in volunteering with the girls group, or know a student who may be interested in joining, please contact Amy Brower at abrower@gaah.org

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